Modeling instruction and one-to-one teaching

Have you ever thought about the power of “modeling instruction”?
I had a few intuitions before today, but both these videos were very clear about the outcome. Of course it takes way more time to go through a concept in school, but maybe students learn the concept “for life” and don’t forget?

or this interesting video

Of course, I am thinking that I could maybe implement sometimes this modeling instruction –
What new rules of teaching would be necessary for tutoring one-to-one? It would mean:
– refraining from giving the theory before an exercise
– drawing on white boards
– following the student’s intuition
– accepting that failure is part of instruction
Remaining questions for my practice:
– is one to one possible? That would require that I play along and model myself …
– should I promote group tutoring?
– could it be considered a “waste of time” by parents?

I shall test the system by keeping this idea at the back of my mind in January 2017 and comment below.