How I work

The way I work:

Online or in person:

I provide tutoring on line using FaceTime or Skype. Person to person tutoring on Salt Spring Island can be organized.


My objective is to give each student the tools to succeed in a timely fashion, and then to fade away. This usually requires regular times at first, typically twice (60 minutes each session) a week, reduced first to one session a week, then to “on demand” and email support. I am not a teacher, but a tutor – meaning I will often show a student how to get the information, and not always start by explaining concepts. My philosophy is not to teach a subject but to teach the tools necessary to study, and to “learn with” the student.

Terrible business model:

For all students, general homework support or exam prep can also be arranged covering French, Science, Math, etc… in either language. There again I give the tools to complete the homework, and reframe the task. I also sometimes work through exercises with students, each of us working out a solution on our own, and then comparing notes. They soon see I make silly mistakes, just as they do…” Today, I have developed an on-line support system with younger students including multiple short sessions covering homework and extra reading. In Math, I frequently use Khan Academy where I can coach individually and set assignments.


I have been tutoring for a little over 15 years in English or French. I have at present one adult university student that I tutor as needed. My youngest student is in kindergarten; I enjoy the range of ages, and the various subjects.

First contact:

I typically meet with parents before the first tutoring session on line or in person; that first consultation with parents is free, and then any extra parent meetings or school meetings are charged the same as a one-on-one lesson.

Fee structure:

$40.00 (elementary), $50.00 (high school), $50 (university) per hour will be charged for my services in person or online one-on-one tutoring, consultation with parents, caregivers, teachers, other professionals
, report writing
 and meetings.
Phone, SMS, and Skype meetings or tutoring, taking under 5 minutes, will not be billed. Anything exceeding this time frame will be considered a meeting and will be billed at the above rate.


The full hourly rate will apply if cancellation of appointments are after 3pm, two days (48 hours) before an appointment. If you, or your child is ill, please call by 9am the day of your appointment to discuss rescheduling. Accounting is master minded by my daughter Kathleen. We try to have perfect accounting, but if we make a mistake, please communicate, be patient, and the problem will be resolved. My contact number is my cell phone so please call that number if for some reason you wish to change the appointment time.

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