Slurs and racism have no place in civilized society

Slurs and racism have no place in civilized society. Last week, Lt Gen Jay Silveria, Superintendent of the US Air Force Academy in the United States, addressed students on the use of racial slurs within dorms for the Prepartory School.
“We come from all walks of life, We come from all parts of this country. We come from all races. We come from all backgrounds, gender, all makeup, all upbringings. The power of that diversity comes together and makes us that much more powerful.” Every person who cares about anything to do with decency, care, human kind need to hear this speech. Racism in this academy is outlawed.

This speech is uplifting, especially this year as we go from climate violence to pseudo science, and from selfishness to nonsensical murders. Trump America is leading us all down into a pit of self doubt, insecurity, disbelief, hatred, polarization, opposition, racism of every kind, and to crown it all selfishness. This power to transform every person who is different to oneself into a moron, extremist, terrorist and so on, is consuming us. We wake in the morning, and are surprised to notice that we haven’t been blown up into nothingness, then we grab our phone to hear what new silliness has been tweeted.
So back to Jay Silveria. This is incredibly welcome. It sets us back on our feet. Thank-you for your energy. Thank-you for still believing in decency.