This site is to give parents and students an idea of how I work and my objectives.

It is also an agglomeration of hopefully useful, fun and interesting articles, videos, websites, book reviews, and more that I (Carine) and friends have found in our many hours of surfing the web with education in mind. Please contact me with anything you find that looks great or is interesting for our student crowd! carine@frisch.pro

Watching videos is an incredible way to see a new concept in a different light because more and more teachers are busy creating videos for their class. Here, I try to group these treasures into categories.

When I stumble upon a youtube video of one of my students, I will link to it.

Yes – I tutor. I have been tutoring a variety of subjects for 17 years. Educated and having practiced as a physician in France, I now use those skills to tutor children here in British Columbia. Living on Salt Spring Island I continue to tutor remotely some students in Vancouver. For a year, I have started to see students on the island. K-12 Maths, Precalculus are my favourite subjects but I also tutor Calculus, French and Sciences in French or English. Biology and Chemistry are my forte but I am not opposed to Physics.

“Tutoring” is not “teaching” and I have found that listening to students and adapting my support to the students’ way of thinking is what defines my practice. I love thinking out of the box. I love finding the tools the student needs to do well. So often, students who are in difficulty, have gone from teacher, to peer helper, to counsellor, and back. My task is to give confidence to the student, find the reason for their derailing and to send them back on their way. I work to goals, those set by a teacher or a parent, and agreed to with the student. Once the goal is reached, we stop; this gives a sense of achievement. In other words I am not a piano teacher going on and on with a student who would prefer to be else where and never practices.

I make myself available to homeschooled/distance leaning children when parents have to take time off during a limited period for professional or family reasons.

Recently I have been reading 10/15 minutes every day with some young students who need the practice (especially in French), meeting online, at a set time.

I charge $40/hour(elementary) $50/hour (high school). I tutor at the student’s home on Salt Spring, and can also offer support online using a whiteboard and Skype or FaceTime.

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