Climate Change, Global Warming, and Scientific Evidence

Climate Change is here to stay whether we want it or not.
What is amazing is that 40 years after the first climate change, greenhouse gases and global warming studies, many people are still questioning the official Science body of knowledge. Media (CBC, BBC, CNN, etc.) still invite to their interviews 50% climate change deniers, and 50% climate change scientists for fairness sake. I question this. When 95% of scientists caution humanity to make smart choices about further CO2, methane, NO2 and SO3 emissions, it makes no sense to continue to question the inevitable truth. When 95% of greenhouse gas emissions are human made/created/ produced, climate change is serious and the poorest of humanity will suffer the brunt of its consequences. There is a time when treating deniers with politically correctness has to stop. Where hate language is frowned upon, sexism and LGBTQ discrimination stupid, then giving air time to climate change denier arguments half the time must be ended. It’s no longer time for discussion. That’s over. Time to fight the big fight.

We’ll start this reminder with a 2012 Scishow:

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group established by the United Nations about 30 years ago.

It’s unequivocal:
These past decades have been warmer than ever. Look at these graphs. An open, intelligent mind must agree that there is an increasing trend.

Global Average Temperatures

When your friends tell you the problem is vastly over exaggerated, please look at this graph from Skeptical Science that has contrasted in the following animation the difference between the deniers of global warming and the realists.

There’s no pause; this is part of a trend.

Climate change associated with higher average global temperatures are here to stay and will continue the upward trend. Look what is left of glaciers in the Alps:

Melted Glacier in the Alps August 2013

Melted Glacier Alps August 2013

800 000 year record
The levels of CO2 are now at record high; it hasn’t happened to our our planet for at least 800 000 years. CH4 or methane are also at record high levels, associated with a great pollutant of ours NO2.

It’s all about us
It’s all about us because we have to stop hiding from the obvious and get going. Us adults are leaving a mess. We need to change our way of viewing Science as an evil because it’s not growing our own food that will save those who have no garden to grow in; we need Science to give agriculture a make over and I am afraid that greater yield per km2 and less agricultural water pollution are the way to go. Only scientists can and will resolve the problem. Saying we need to buy locally is a myth. We also need to stop wasting the sun energy. I mean UV is available everyday in most of the world. Why is there any air conditioning allowed that doesn’t depend entirely on solar. This is ridiculous. The sun is shining; we need to be cooler, and we burn off oil???? instead of powering the air conditioner with solar energy?

More Frequent extremes
In any event smart or not smart, climate change is going to increase extreme weather systems. And s usual, those least able to defend themselves, plants and animals first, will suffer greatly and many go extinct.

Be brave. Be intelligent. Read. Study. And be open to new ways.

Nuclear Energy fusion and fission for grade 9-10’s

In nuclear energy, we have two choices: fission, breaking up large atoms such as Uranium, and fusion: sticking together or fusing very small atoms such as Hydrogen. In grade 9, and 10 Science students learn about the basics of such energy. In History 12, students learn of the awful consequences of nuclear war.

Fission is the technology that was developed during the Second World War and wasn’t chosen for least pollution but to develop bombs and missiles. Fission could have been developed in a way greener fashion. Fusion is a hope for the future because of its lesser polluting by-products. After all we all know about the energy of the sun that is one great enormous fusion ball. I have put together a bunch of videos here to illustrate nuclear energy. I hope you will find them as interesting as I did.



The sun has been producing light for about five billion years but where does all its energy come from? The most common idea is that the sun is burning gas – like a giant fireball in the sky. If this were true, the sun would have gone out long ago. So how is the sun actually fuelling itself? It is converting its own mass into energy. By combining protons (the nucleus of hydrogen) into helium, it squeezes some mass into energy – 4.3 billion kg per second. It is Einstein’s famous E=mc^2 which gives us the quantitative relationship between mass and energy, where c is the speed of light.


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