Modeling instruction and one-to-one teaching

Have you ever thought about the power of “modeling instruction”?
I had a few intuitions before today, but both these videos were very clear about the outcome. Of course it takes way more time to go through a concept in school, but maybe students learn the concept “for life” and don’t forget?

or this interesting video

Of course, I am thinking that I could maybe implement sometimes this modeling instruction –
What new rules of teaching would be necessary for tutoring one-to-one? It would mean:
– refraining from giving the theory before an exercise
– drawing on white boards
– following the student’s intuition
– accepting that failure is part of instruction
Remaining questions for my practice:
– is one to one possible? That would require that I play along and model myself …
– should I promote group tutoring?
– could it be considered a “waste of time” by parents?

I shall test the system by keeping this idea at the back of my mind in January 2017 and comment below.

Water Desalination

Water is needed big time and, as you know, water is a big problem for many people, so why not use water desalination and the planet’s abundant sea water? I am sure you have been told not to waste water by your parents and teachers. Women and children in many places have to spend a lot of their day going for water. We can’t imagine their life here. Agriculture is suffers because of a lack of water. Also with climate change water patterns are altering and people have to move away from their home land because of drought.
This student is asking a question to Bill Nye in the video below about desalination. Bill Nye is a great scientist and is insisting that people in all walks of life should try to become better skeptics, ask questions, wonder about how things work, why things happen. Desalination is the taking out of the salt in sea water. Sea water is in great quantity but fresh water (without salt) is way less abundant. Please watch and subscribe to this youtube channel if you are interested in hearing more from this amazing man.

MIT students explain in this video the new technology using graphene Bill Nye talks about:

And here, Veritaserum Physics teacher explains how to make graphene. Very easy to understand and it makes water desalination closer to our reality.

Currently, here is what California is doing and it will give you an idea of what is happening here in a Western Country.

And here is a complementary explanation of the Californian Effort.