Everyone Dies but Not Everybody Lives

Chloé asked the other day what it feels like to be dead?

Well we don’t know how to answer that question in an optimistic way, but I know we all die, and that we are probably not in a fit state at that point to “feel” anything – without a brain functioning, with enzymes flowing out of our dead cells, and all that gruesomeness. So everyone dies but more importantly what is this statement: Not Everybody Lives? Thank-you Prince Ea for bringing this up. Many motivational speakers have spoken on this topic but this is quite a powerful speech.
Some live to live out a dream and fail miserably. Some dream, accomplish what they set out to do and achieve greatness and recognition from their peers. And some just dream and go through life wishy washy, whatever, not my fault. I want to reach for the sky – even if I fail – again and again.
Prince Ea has prepared this video on his channel: please take time to watch. It’s well done and a tribute to his intelligence.

It’s a really important text. Wish I had the transcript.

Le temps est comme la cascade.
Tu ne l’empêchera pas de
couler mais tu peux t’y tremper
pour en jouir et pour
y boire à ta santé.

Great Myths that you should know about

Myths abound. Some myths are super exciting stories, some are inspiring ones, but all are built around a fact, that is then embellished and then told to others who transmit the story. There can be political, or ideological reasons to perpetrate a myth. When a myth is thought to be factual, and is transmitted in a book, in a school classroom, or a story, then it misleads people. My students come to me with many questions about what they learn at school, and I try to lead them into critically thinking about the subject. Here are some videos I stumbled upon – all very interesting.

Here are some great myths about Climate Change

And some myths from your history class maybe:

It would be great if teachers taught critical thinking, and didn’t perpetrate myths as fact.

And great myths about sleeping: