Man of the Year Time Magazine 1938: Hitler

I can’t believe that 70 years ago, the person of the year was Hitler.
I mean …. aren’t persons of the year meant to bring something good to the world, and now I discover at the age of 60 that you can be responsible for heinous crimes and be man of the year?

deamed "Man of the Year" by Times Magasine

deamed “Man of the Year” by Times Magasine

Radhika Jones explains the criterion used:
“The criterion is “the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill, and embodied what was important about the year.” A lot of news is bad news and a lot of people who make bad news are very powerful people. TIME’s editors aren’t immune to that reality. Famously, they named Hitler in 1938 and Stalin in 1939 and again in 1942. These were men who had a huge impact, not just in those years but over the entire century. It’s easy to stand by those choices, looking back. Arguably you could do a bad guy every year and be justified.”
Donald Trump is is runner up this year …. Great…

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