The “Blind” on Braille Day

Today in some circles is the International Day of Braille, and that got me thinking about who’s blind. So here we go:

The Blind are those who aren’t skeptics. The Blind are those who have a preconceived idea, or a feeling about something, some event, some conversation, or some observation, before even hearing something out. We meet them everyday. “Oh that’s normal; you’re a Leo.” “Coffee stops you from growing; everyone knows that!” “Sugar makes me so HYPER!” And why will you ask me, can’t we be blind and proud of it? Because astrology is codswallop, coffee is complexe, and sugar has never made anyone excited after the first few seconds.

I respond that if you aren’t skeptic, if you are incapable of asking questions, if you already know an answer before going into the depth of a friendship, of a concept, of a political ideal, of a religion, then you cannot be fully Human.

I tutor so that we better understand a concept and question what we don’t know. I say “we” because no teacher should exclude themselves from the learning process and no student should feel out of place when helping a teacher find an answer.

Anyway, here’s Ben Goldacre who says it way better than I.

and Lawrence Krauss goes even further.

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