Discrimination in schools

Does school discrimination exist? How so? Are we (adults) so wicked when/if we are in a position of power? Are we wicked when we loose our identity within a powerful group of citizens and start to discriminate: teachers in a school, MLAs in Victoria, adults in a family, police members in the police force?
Visible minorities within a system. Who are these people in our day-to-day work? Are we possibly a majority of bullies, ready to pounce on the little guy, disregard the busker, frown upon the drug addict shooting up on Hastings East? I don’t know. Sometimes, I just wonder.

And in school? The video below shows some pretty appalling footage of the state of US schools. We hear stuff – is it really true? It sounds so very awful, one feels like putting on earplugs so as not to hear the commentary. At least I do. Because if I am not violent, I do have a tendency of playing the ostrich, and hiding my head in the sand, waiting for terrible pictures to move on. I think: it’s so awful, it must be a lie!

However, I see broken students come through my office every month. How can that happen? They put on such a brave face! They are so full of splendidness here, but when I hear the truth from their parents, then I have to whisper in my mind: o m g. How is it? How can doors be already closed? How did it happen? How? I have no authority but I am honest … and things often look sad, broken, finished – at the age of 15.

As a tutor I only get a glimpse of the problem. I see parents seeking shadows because they are so sure it’s their fault. I admire these teenagers really doing well with me because they pretend so much to be strong. You see, they still have pride, that they forget they are labelled, and start being really quite literate, asking questions, daring to dream.

This is in the States, not Canada …. but the countries are so close. Students should be cherished and supported. Restorative Justice seems a very good way to go.

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