So much potential to smile, but so much strife

BUT rampant Strife


Are we all going mad with trying to be good upright citizens, serious teachers, responsible for safety?
At Windsor Secondary School, there was a student who has been suspended for violence 20 months ago. He is still without a regular school to go to. I have no words to condemn our system. I suggest his violence was caused by bullying and taunting peers, but because bullying leaves no physical trace, those students were left off the hook. A disgrace. The student I am writing about was never heard; his parents were never heard; obviously his tutor was never heard.
At Blueridge School, a student was made in grade 4 to do push-ups in front of the class each time his ruler clattered to the ground. Did he ever complain? No. Did his parents know? No. His parents learned this via other parents who had heard the story from their children quite a few years later.
Both these videos may not be the exaggeration they seem to be. We are knowledgeable humans. We are capable of the best. We are born with the potential to smile and be happy. I suggest that as educators we make sure that our righteousness does not get in the way of common sense and decency. Zero tolerance of x, y and z is stopping fair judgement in school.

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